Goat Yoga Gathers A Herd Of Participants

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — For every downward dog, there is a goat.

Goat yoga is a new and growing trend that has spread to the Philadelphia-area and it is now available at Mountain Pride Farm in Quakertown.

“I think people just come here for an escape,” said Suzanne Brubaker of Water and Rock Studio. “So you come here; you are in nature; you have this gorgeous farm, and then you have these adorable animals with you.”

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Japheth and his wife Suzanne, who own Water and Rock Studio, started the class a little more than a month ago and they are already booked weeks in advance.

“People travel for hours just to come to one class,” Suzanne said. “It’s trendy but it’s so much more than that. It just gives people this sense of peace and calm, and just joy to be here.”

Before class begins, 10 baby goats are ushered in and spend the next hour chewing on hay while mingling with the class.

“The goats will come up to your mat and maybe tickle your toes or hop on your back,” Suzanne said. “Or they’ll just chew your mat…anything. But people just think it’s just such a wonderful thing to be with the animals.”

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And all are welcome at goat yoga, no matter your level of experience.

“You could literally have never heard of yoga,” Japheth said. “If you just want to enjoy a nice weekend, coming out to a beautiful location, enjoying being outside in nature and around animals, this is a great fit for you.”

Lee Ann Fenderson of South Philadelphia said, “I’m used to doing it in my living room, so I’d say I’m more of a beginner. I’ve learned and I’ve had fun with the goats.”


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