Refreshed Carson Wentz Is Ready For Eagles 2017 Season

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Carson Wentz and his teammates are hoping to put up impressive numbers on offense this season. They will likely be more impressive than their numbers on the golf course.

As part of a team bonding trip with Wentz in North Dakota earlier this summer, the quarterback and several of his teammates hit the links. Let’s just say none are ready for the PGA Tour anytime soon.

img 2283 Refreshed Carson Wentz Is Ready For Eagles 2017 Season

Credit: Ed Benkin

“We had some fun,” said Wentz. “We went golfing, which was kind of a disaster. With eight guys, it took us about four and a half hours to play a best ball scramble, but we had some fun and it was really good to get that bonding time in.”

Now that the Eagles offensive players are finished with their not so successful golf outing, the focus is on football with the start of training camp. Wentz and the other quarterbacks are working with rookies and selected veterans through Wednesday until the full squad takes the field for the first time on Thursday. After being thrust into the role of starter last summer and being injured in training camp, Wentz is more relaxed heading into the 2017 campaign.

“It was just a whirlwind for me last year,” Wentz said. “This year, having 16 games under my belt and going through a whole season knowing what to expect getting that experience and coming through this off-season as the number one guy and getting those opportunities…mentally, it’s just a whole different place.”

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The early workouts have hardly been hard-hitting. The first days with the limited amount of players have resembled an OTA workout from the spring. However, Wentz is already seeing a strong bond building with the team as they continue to fine tune their skills in the early days of camp.

“We’ve got a couple of new pieces,” said Wentz. “We’ve been working together in the off-season. It’s just continuing building that chemistry and that camaraderie and just being sharp in everything. The details for me are the biggest thing that I want to continue to refine. You’re a never a finished product, that’s for sure.”

img 2272 Refreshed Carson Wentz Is Ready For Eagles 2017 Season

Credit: Ed Benkin

The intensity will increase on Thursday when the rest of the Eagles take the field. The pads are expected to come on at the beginning of next week. While Wentz is enjoying his time with the younger members of the Eagles, he is looking forward to seeing the rest of the team as the players ramp up their workouts in South Philadelphia.

“These practices are great,” Wentz said. “But the tempo’s not as high. We don’t have five O-linemen and we have five receivers and we have two running backs. It’s just more mental reps and getting there. Once we get everybody in here and get the defense in here and get some competitive things going, it’ll be fun.”


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