Day 3: Some Eagles Vets Show Up At Training Camp

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)–It is day three of the Eagles training camp and few familiar faces have started to show up.

You know it’s about to get real when you see Malcolm Jenkins and Brandon Graham walk through the door.

The first three days of practice were all about rookies, but on a day like today with the rookies, some of the attention was on the veterans.

These guys are looking for fresh start as you might expect, nearly seven months ago they finished with a 7 -9 record. They missed playoffs for third straight year but Eagles had highly active off season and optimism is high.

“I mean it is great to be back. It has been a long off-season. Obviously looking forward to this team and this year and this is obviously the start of it. It’s good to see all of the guys get back in town,” said Malcom Jenkins.

“We gotta make sure we work hard as a group and trust one another, you know that’s the biggest thing, said Brandon Graham. “The biggest thing is to make sure that we gain that trust because we got a lot of new faces  and we got to bring them up to speed with how we do it in Philadelphia. I think that once we get past that I think that we are going to have a really good season.”



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