Agholor Hoping For Breakout Season

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)–Nelson Agholor insists 2017 will be different.

The wide receiver has hardly lived up to the expectations of a top draft pick.  Agholor was taken 20th overall in the 2015 Draft.  In two seasons, Agholor has 59 catches for 648 yards and three touchdowns. Last season featured a host of drops and clear expressions of frustration.  However, Agholor believes he has finally figured out the secret to success in the NFL.

“This is year three,” said Agholor.  “I just feel like you’re way more aware.  You’re aware of everything that’s going on and you understand what the camp routine is like.  You’ve played two years in the NFL.  You’ve got tape of yourself and you know your weaknesses and you know some of the things you do really well.”

Nelson felt the wrath of much of Eagles Nation during the 2016 season.  Every drop seemed to magnify and a post-game blow up after a loss last season seemed to indicate a problem dealing with the pressures of playing in the NFL.  However, Nelson claims to have learned from the past and does not believe a mistake in a game this season will carry over for four quarters.

“You worry about running your route,” Agholor said.  “You worry about running your technique and when the ball is in the air to come down with it.  If you don’t come down with it, line back up.  You’re creating separation next time and it’s coming back to you.  The flow of the game is a great thing.  You get on a roll and the show is yours.”

That show will be shared by several new receivers on the roster.  With Alshon Jeffery and Torrey Smith now in the mix,  Agholor may have fewer opportunities to catch the ball than he did in his first two seasons.  Smith, in particular, may be taking catches away from Agholor, but the receiver has welcomed the addition of the former 49er.

“I have respect for him,” said Agholor.  “He’s here for a reason.  I knew when he came here, we were going to compete.  We’re going to get better.  At the end of the day, that’s my teammate and I’m going to go to war with him.”

But the biggest war waged by Agholor in his first two seasons has been with himself.  What will happen after the first drop of the season? Agholor believes he will be able to quickly move forward from any mistakes this season after two years of hard lessons learned with the Eagles.

“It was something as a young receiver that I didn’t understand,” Agholor said.  “You always want to press when you’re young.  You have to learn that this is a pro game.  The flow of the game will go and you have to be prepared for every opportunity.”





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