Cowboys, Giants Among 5 Teams ‘Most Likely To Decline’

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Well, if you’re looking for more reasons to be optimistic about the 2017-18 Eagles…here you go.

ESPN’s Bill Barnwell listed his five NFL teams most likely to decline this season: Oakland Raiders, Houston Texans, Miami Dolphins, New York Giants, and the Dallas Cowboys.

The latter two NFC East teams would obviously be the most significant for the Eagles.

The Giants finished 11-5 last season, but Barnwell speculates they may not be as healthy this year.

“By adjusted games lost, the Giants ranked as the most injured team in the league each of Coughlin’s final three seasons at the helm,” Barnwell wrote. “They ranked as the seventh-healthiest team in football last season.”

The Giants will also face four teams coming off extra rest in 2017.

The Cowboys finished 13-3 last season after improving their turnover differential by 27, from minus-22 in 2015 to plus-5 in 2016.

“Teams that improved by 20 or more turnovers in a given season saw their margin decline by more than 11 turnovers the following year,” Barnwell writes.

However, while Barnwell predicts the Cowboys will likely decline, he still believes they will be a good team.

“The Cowboys could regress toward the mean and still be favored to come away with a playoff spot, if not the NFC East. Barring a serious injury to Prescott, they’ll be a good team in 2017.”


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