Eagles’ Chris Long Speaks Out Against Violence In Hometown Charlottesville

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — On the football field, Eagles defensive lineman Chris Long let’s his play do the talking for him. But at Sunday’s team practice, Long was speaking out against the violence in his hometown of Charlottesville, Virginia.

“I do think it’s despicable,” Long said “It’s hard not to get angry.”

Officials: White Nationalist Rally Linked To 3 Deaths

Long played high school football at St. Anne’s-Belfield in Charlottesville before attending the University of Virginia. He says it’s always difficult to see a sub-culture that promotes white supremacy in America. But when it happens in your hometown, he says, it’s especially alarming.

“These people are congregating because Charlottesville is trying to do the right things,” he said, “renaming two parks named after confederate generals, talking about moving monuments. Not destroying them, moving them possibly to a confederate museum.”

‘Nothing But Outrage Here’: Philly’s NAACP President Denounces Violence In Charlottesville

Long says he supports the removal of the Robert E. Lee. statue.

“I don’t know what it’s like to be a minority and walk by statues that are named after and depict confederate generals,” he said, “so for me to get up in arms about that because I want to preserve history, it doesn’t make sense.”

Long says the actions of the white supremacists are not a reflection of Charlottesville and suspects that many involved were from out of town.

“Hopefully we just continue to do the right things and this is an isolated incident and Charlottesville can go about being a wonderful place.”


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